Who we are


AGI Capital Investment S.R.L.

Founded in 2007, we are an integrated “end-to-end” forestry, biomassrenewable energy and cross commodity trading company with a 20 year presence in the Romanian market. The company has an established value added approach to its activities and through its ownership of Nehoiu Forestry Complex and family traditions in Romania and the US it has an unrivalled history in the development and management of forestry products.
The Nehoiu Foresty Complex has been operating continuously since 1907 and has consistently been one of Romania’s principal forest products companies. It has a rich history of quality, experience and success which has been of great benefit to the local community.

AGI is dedicated to becoming one of Europe’s largest and most modern sustainable producers of wood pellets and a key supplier of fuel to the energy and domestic heating markets. Through the operation of its state of the art pellet line, AGI is one of the largest wood pellet producer in the Black Sea basin with an  annual production capacity of 80,000mt (metric tones). The installation of KAHL presses and MEC dryers ensures AGI will be delivering high quality, uniform product.

AGI - largest wood pellet producer in the Black Sea basin