Timber production has been the mainstay of Nehoiu Foresty Complex’s commercial operations since its inception in 1907. The sawmill, which has produced hardwood and softwood timber and veneer for the domestic and export markets maintains a strong tradition of quality, reliability and consistency.

AGI has implemented a total refit of the sawmill with state of the art sawmilling equipment for its predominantly hardwood mill. We offer a variety of grades of kiln-dried hardwood and an element of softwood lumber, produced mainly from beech, spruce and pine.

AGI will be offering standard and special sawn products in various sizes, as well as further processed products. The extensive range includes products suitable for interiors, construction and industrial end uses.

Specification of BEECH WOOD

  • Mass: 720 kg/m3, at 12% moisture or 830 kg/m3 at 30% transport moisture
  • Average shrinking value: 13.0 %
  • Steamed
  • Coefficient of elasticity: 11.859 MPa.