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Our Sustainability Commitment

AGI understands that careful management of natural resources promotes both a healthy environment and a growing and sustainable business. Operations such as ours carry significant environmental and social responsibilities, and therefore we aim to continuously reduce the environmental impact over the whole lifecycle our products and tackle the associated challenges, obligations and responsibilities head on.

We aim to exceed the requirements of the applicable environmental laws

We maintain a philosophy of continual improvement of our forest practices and manufacturing procedures to optimise the use of resources and minimise the impact of our operations on the forests we manage. We aim to exceed the requirements of the applicable environmental laws and forestry management regulations and have developed strict forest management and harvesting plans which help achieve that objective.

We manage our forests for the sustainable production of timber and biomass that meet our high standards and the sustainability requirements of our customers. We are committed to maintaining independent Chain of Custody certification, FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) and PEFC (The Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification), of our forest management and to meeting the principles and objectives of applicable forest certification systems.

The elements of AGI’s policy apply to company-owned and third party harvested property:

  • We harvest at government approved and sustainable rates for the long term benefit of our forests
  • We protect soil stability and ensure long-term soil productivity by using equipment and practices appropriate to the soil, topography and weather to minimize erosion and harmful soil disturbance
  • We maintain healthy forests and ensure appropriate forest floor clearing in order to minimise fire hazards and prevent decomposition which would lead to release of greenhouse gases
  • We protect biodiversity and never convert natural forests to plantations
  • Our biomass production operations allow us to minimise waste in our harvesting

Wood Procurement Policy

It is AGI’s policy to maintain a full Chain of Custody and ensure the adherence to environmental practices, policies and legislation not only on our own forests but all third party owned property we harvest.


Within the regions in which AGI sources its fibre it works with local governments, environmental organisations and local communities to maintain sustainable forest management practices and ensure the longevity of the local forests.


AGI will not knowingly purchase wood, wood fibre or products that originate from illegal logging or originating from protected forests. AGI may exercise its discretion to cease cooperation with or purchasing from any third party it suspects has involvement in illegal logging or non-sustainable forestry practices.


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