Nehoiu Forestry Complex

Nehoiu Forestry Complex
    • 13 hectare complex providing the platform for one of the largest wood processing plants in Romania
    • Site operating continuously since 1907
    • High density prime hardwood and softwood forest catchment area allowing for harvesting within a 70km radius of the Nehoiu Foresty Complex
    • Location¬† of a modern high quality timber line.
    • Site for the scheduled 5MW biomass fired Combined Heat and Power plant, which will provide heat for the city of Nehoiu and renewable electricity to the grid
    • Location of the wood pellet production lines with initial annual capacity of 80,000 metric tones
    • Covered on-site storage for over 10,000 metric tones of wood pellets
    • Dedicated rail spur and connection to the national network with unrestricted access to the ports of Galati (190km) and Constanta (290km)