AGI’s initial annual production capacity is 80,000 metric tones.

AGI Wood Pellets – Forest Floor to Presses

AGI wood pellets are produced from round logs which fall outside the grade required for timbering and from residual wood products such tree tops, branches, and other by-products of primary timber production. In processing primary wood, the logs are debarked and chipped before being fed through dryers and presses to produce uniform and high quality pellets. The original timber is predominantly beech, but also includes spruce and pine. AGI has invested significantly to secure reliable and highly reputable equipment, including a MEC drying line and KAHL pellet presses.

AGI’s initial annual production capacity is 80,000 metric tones of ENplus A1quality wood pellets for the domestic heating market .

Key Components
  • Strict compliance throughout full production chain with recognised industry standard for sustainability
  • Fully secured feedstock – supply from own forest, public auctions and third party harvesting contracts within a 70 km radius of the plant
  • Ongoing implementation of forest acquisition plan to increase feedstock security
  • Comprehensive and fully controlled logistics chain
  • Bulk cargo or big bag supply options
  • On-site storage capacity for over 10,000 metric tonnes